About Us

About Us:
We are Catholics from one of the ancient Oriental Christian Traditions who happen to live in the US.Thanks to the untiring effort of members of the community the first Gheez-Rite Chaplain established in Charlotte, NC.

Mission Statment
The Charlotte Catholic Gheez-Rite Chaplaincy is a Christian Community called by God:
To proclaim the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ
To celebrate Liturgies of thanksgiving and praise
To build up a Community of Christian love and to serve others in the Name of the Lord according to the Oriental Gheez-Rite and under the guidance of local ordinaries of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlotte

Gheez Terminology: Gheez (Ge’ez) is one of the four Semitic language ( the other three are Hebrew, Aramaic, and Arabic). Gheez was spoken language during the Axumite Kingdom, a kingdom that ruled in the so called Abyssinia-now Ethiopia and Eritrea. At this time, the use of the Gheez language is limited to liturgical prayers and scholastic studies. There are now three other languages derived from Gheez namely Tigre, Tigrinia and Amharic. They are spoken primarily by Eritreans and Ethiopians.

Eastern Rite: Eastern Church represent all the churches that were in the eastern part of the RomanEmpire, as opposed to those in the western (Latin) part of the Empire. In modern usage, it includes three groups: Oriental Orthodox, Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholics.

-Oriental Orthodox are those who accept the first three councils. They include the Armenians, Coptics, Ethio-Eretreo, Jacobite Syrians, and Malankar Indians.

– Eastern Orthodox are those who accept the first seven ecumenical councils. They are associated with the ancient patriarchate churches i.e. Antioch, Alexandria. Constantinople, Jerusalem, and later Moscow.
– Eastern Catholics are in full communion with the Roman Church and have been known as the “uniate” churches. We belong to this group. These eastern catholic churches maintain their original tradition. They include  Orthodox, oriental orthodox, Syrian eastern churches,… etc.

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